The “Ungrateful” Virtual Book Re-Launch!

I didn't get a chance to share these photos the day after the book launch. I was in a whirlwind of anxiety and excitement. Like Alimah says, "my nerves were a balled-up piece of paper thrown against the wall". I was up and down. Frazzled and a bottle of rosé was my saving grace. I... Continue Reading →

The “Ungrateful” Book Trailer

My brother and I collaborated on my book trailer, and it turned out amazing! This trailer truly embodied the mood and aesthetic of the novel. My brother, Ken Nelson Jr., is an award-winning filmmaker and editor, with an even more impressive resume. You can learn more about his work at

Creating a Monster: Elliot Hunter (Pt. 2)

Elliot Hunter’s celebrity persona, and role in a very dark scandal are inspired by every prominent hip-hop/R&B mogul, Dr. Luke (top pop music producer), the Elite Models sexual abuse controversy, and Jeffrey Epstein. I won’t name the names of the moguls for legal purposes. Dr. Luke (left) and Kesha (right). Kesha filed a lawsuit against... Continue Reading →

Book Cover for “Ungrateful”

When I designed this cover, I thought about embodying the story through color, font style, and composition. The colors red, black, and white are important to this story in terms of the story’s overall mood and its moral, Alimah’s music, and spirituality. I remember showing this cover to a close friend, and he told me,... Continue Reading →

Soundtrack for “Ungrateful”

I created a Spotify soundtrack for my novel Ungrateful. It’s a two-playlist soundtrack called RED/BLACK, based on the promotional images’ red and black color scheme and the colors’ symbolism in the book. I played certain songs while writing particular scenes. Like creating a score for a movie or TV show, I selected music that best... Continue Reading →

Creating Alimah: Her Personality

Alimah suffers traumatic events in the music industry. Therefore, I sought extensive research to portray an accurate survivor of sexual, psychological, and spiritual abuse in the entertainment industry. While I have reached out to people who have worked in the industry or are still active in the music industry, the bulk of my research came... Continue Reading →

Creating Alimah: Her Music/Sound Pt. 2

Alimah performs lead guitar and rhythmic guitar, performing for her own music as well as collaborating with other artists. And as far as her mastery as a guitarist, I was inspired by the guitarists Jimi Hendrix, Ernie Isley, and Pat Metheny. Hendrix's "Crosstown Traffic" and "Are You Experienced" were two songs that greatly inspired how... Continue Reading →

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