Creating Alimah: Intro

Alimah is the main character of my novel Ungrateful. She is a singer-songwriter, composer, and producer that was signed to Aten from 2006-2015. She recorded music in the genres of alternative rock, industrial rock, R&B, and funk. Starting out as an R&B singer and dancer, she has transitioned into rock alternative on her sophomore album, showcasing... Continue Reading →

I’m teaching my first writing workshop this week!

This year I teamed up with other literary experts at Literature & Pen to design and lead workshops for writers, readers, and others! So, I'm starting 2022 off pretty well. 👩🏽✍🏽 The title of my workshop is "Un-stereotyping: “Decolonizing” Offensive and Racial Tropes in Ethnic Literature". I will discuss the history of various racial tropes... Continue Reading →

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