Short Story List

These are stories listed by the date they were posted. A few of the stories are divided into parts, as they are series based on the early lives of major characters from my novel Ungrateful.

Each story will have a short synopsis and any trigger warning information. More links will be updated; the information below is subject to change.

Alimah – A four-part story of how the child prodigy, trained in classical and jazz music, developed dreams of rock music success after mastering the guitar. Simultaneously, she grows up in an extremely dysfunctional household amid sibling rivalry, an adulterous and drug-abusing mother, and a famous jazz musician father who is always touring and barely home.

Brownnoser – A three-part story of how future music moguls Elliot Hunter and Markus Blak met and started their hip-hop label Crooklynite Music that would become the music label giant Aten Records (Coming Soon).

Remi – The future pop star struggles with an abusive home life that leads her to run away as a teen. When she moves in with her older cousin, she heals through music and discovers her sexual and cultural identity.

ሰማያዊ-lavande-PINK (Se-ma-ya-we [Blue in Ahmaric], Lavender [in French], and Pink [in English]) – A teenaged Alimah comes to terms to her identity after therapy visits with her mother and sisters, and after questioning herself through writing lyrics in her journal.

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