The “Ungrateful” Virtual Book Re-Launch!

I didn’t get a chance to share these photos the day after the book launch. I was in a whirlwind of anxiety and excitement. Like Alimah says, “my nerves were a balled-up piece of paper thrown against the wall”. I was up and down. Frazzled and a bottle of rosé was my saving grace. I should’ve done deep meditation on all seven of my chakras beforehand but a technical issue delayed that (I’ll never use Eventbrite for virtual events AGAIN).

However, the book launch went wonderfully! 😋 And there were two very special guests, who I was honored to have who are music industry veterans: an icon for Black women in rock music, and a singer-songwriter who performed with legendary funk bands, like George Clinton and the Parliament. Also present was my amazing family, many of whom are artists, singers, screenwriters, actors, and filmmakers like my very own brother, Ken Nelson Jr.

It was very interesting to have a virtual book launch party, but it ended up being a powerful powwow about Black women in rock music, Black people maintaining power over their narratives, and my passion for writing this novel. My host, writer Celeste-Marie did a wonderful job and I was so grateful for her also sharing her knowledge and working the virtual room! After delays due to COVID, this was a stunning way for me to re-introduce my book to the world.

Note: I didn’t include any screenshots of the book launch in order to protect the identity of certain guests.

Ungrateful is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


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