“Ungrateful” the Novel Out Now

This novel was many years in the making. I’m too embarrassed to even say how long. 😬 Alimah (the main character) has gone through many recreations, including her having a different name when first created (and an ugly name at that!). She even got signed to Warner Records–in real life–for a short time (that’s a story for later) before the actual book release! 😉 Somewhere down the line, I will talk about my process in how the characters, the story, and my motive behind writing it came about.

Book cover designed by the author, Kenya. See more of her artwork at eklektacreative.com

Read the book summary below:

Alimah Kebede is a young African American singer-songwriter and guitarist who breaks barriers in alternative rock, with chart-topping hits and high-grossing tours. Yet, it almost costs her soul and sanity—and even her life. Inspired by Me Too and its international impact, “Ungrateful” is a tale of a young woman’s spiritual war against abuse, drugs, and the sex trafficking of minors in the music industry.

Nineteen-year-old Alimah is unhappy with her father’s management, despite his hard work that made her debut album go platinum. He pushes her as an R&B star—but Alimah’s heart is set on performing alternative rock.Elliot Hunter, the charming CEO of Aten Records, had signed Alimah when she was sixteen. At first sight, he fell in love with her talent and beauty—though he’s fifteen years her senior. As he watched Alimah grow as a successful debut artist, he expresses his faith in her dreams of being a rock artist. When Elliot and Alimah’s father butt heads over her career, Elliot lures Alimah with promises of giving Alimah the rock career she desires—unless she fires her father. Desperate for creative freedom and independence from her dysfunctional family, Alimah fires her father and starts a relationship with Elliot.After their relationship grows deeper, Alimah meets Elliot’s form—a disturbed, abusive, and sexually perverted narcissist. Elliot nefariously controls her career through her new management team—who are all puppets of Elliot Hunter. While Elliot makes her rock star dreams possible, the abuse worsens. Alimah endures it to avoid Elliot’s accusations of her being ungrateful. As Alimah sinks deeper into Elliot’s depraved world, she discovers a horrific secret about her boss that could either destroy his career and send him to prison—or cost Alimah her life.

Will Alimah survive her career and escape Elliot and Aten Records? Will she ever make amends with her father and heal with her family while Elliot gets his well-deserved karma? Or will she end up blackballed—or worse—a tragic case like the many young bodies sacrificed for Elliot’s rise to fame and power?


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